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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Paul Bryants 76 the ongoing saga !

Well Paul has since the works got underway decided that the front valance due to the blown filler, This being  due to moisture getting in the cracks and the other Reason being one of the previous owners had installed a home made valance Badly. Any way front valance has been cut out and cleaned up the drivers side sill has been cut out and some prep work still needs to be done the dash has been brought back and temporarily fitted so the brackets can be made up to fix the dash along the screen, yep you gussed it because the replacment inner pannel was the same as the front panel itdont have the clips either.

You have to ask your selves when companys like GSF and C&C sell you panels that are supposed to be Pattern parts how they can miss somthing as important as the fucking mounting clips of the fucking thing, Im not a serial moaner but it does piss me right of just to clarify that point your panels are shit the tin is shit & Thin & rots quicker than a dead cow in the arizona desert.

Glad i got that off my chest any way pictures below, Thanks for looking.

Sill not brilliant is it.

lots of filler on this bay im afraid, as you can see its every where even on the camera lens.

Filler removed going back to my comments about shit tin this replacment sill less than ten years old and rotten through.

started cleaning it up the cut is not crooked it cut along the join but some of it is missing.

These are the brackets that should be on the panels.

These are the ones i made up so the dash can be secured under the screen.

Pretty Good match i think i will put these in later a week day evening job.

Inside of the home grown valance i think the plate is two or three mm thick.

All the crap and sealant removed ready to start cuttting with the old air chisel i like my air chisel make life easy.

old front valance cut off, lots of crap behind there.

What a suprise more bloody expanding Foam.

Let the cleaning process begin.

It may not seem like it but i had been right round the outer edge took f*****g ages felt like i had W*****s Cramp, Too may swear words apparently.

Right then if you look at the front clip the steel with the cuts in it is whats left of the original factory front valance and this being a 76 it has the bulbous thick steel one to take impact you know sqaure bumper job they cut some off and flattened the rest, this makes very hard work trust me.

The other side no different.

Oh and then it was Four Thirty and i had to deal with this, obviously this was a high priority Job that could not wait, My wife is bloody marvelous.

Well next entry should be the front valanve done and on, dash back in place and hopfully the sill done & completed. Or does that seem a little optamistic you decide.

For those of you how have had some issues leaving a comment i believe after enquiring you need to have either a google account or a blog of your own.

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  1. Hey, having seen the bus and the supposed 'patten' panels I can see how bad they are and what your up against. Someone once said, 'it's better to have solid, sound bodywork rather than shiney painted filler' !! Anyway mate keep up the good work. Oh and yes I also have trouble leaving comments sometimes.. you just gotta keep trying.