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Friday, 21 January 2011

Ace Cafe' 18/01/11

Went to the Ace cafe this month hoping as it was dry for a good turn out, there was a few die hard VW folk there but unfortunately i was disappointed, My mate Darren and My son went with me, but it was better than sitting at home moaning I'm bored, Any way only took two pictures but i thought i would add them anyway

As usual the split screen owners proved be be the force I think Bay owners hate the cold!

Five beetles & one of them was mine!

Oh well better luck for next month i suppose.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Heater Chanel Replacement.

The following pictures are of the dreaded heater channel replacment, As you are probably aware if you have looked at my Blog before ill have ago at most jobs, And heater channels scared me no more than any other Job, I did not remove the body, i undertook this job with the body in situ as they say, Any way have a look at the pics see what you think i welcome any comments Except, HHHMMM Dave !!!!

Only Joking Mate !!

How rotten is that.

This is really bad !

And then it was gone.

This was the only good bit left when it was cut out.

Dont she look sad.

I had to put packers in between the door And Body to keep the Door Sqaure, Just in case you wondered.

The trial Fit.

After the welding Was completed i couldnt take pictures of me welding cant do Both !

Back together.