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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Karmann Ghia The last post.

Well this is the last post for the Ghia I've done all i had to do, although i may at this late stage admit that was actually quite a lot of work, all things being considered a good Job and a learning curve.
Last entry i had done the major plates on the passengers side of the car, i had some polishing up to do and a couple of small plates to put in, One being a little plate under the head light and the repair where the indicator whole had rotted out. From there it was skim with filler and clean up and get it primed.

The Rot round the indicator holes.

The plate cut to make the repair.

Plate cut cleaned to fit and ready to weld.

The weld, lots of small weld limits heat & distortion.

Job done, Move on.

I have added this one for you budding home grown resto guru's this is the inside what we are looking at is the penetration marks from the welds if you don't see this it is not a good weld.

All welded up, back to the clean & bright stuff no rust.

Right side done.

Left side done.

Prepping on the drivers wing.

front drivers Side pretty much ready.

Passengers side ready.

Passengers wing skimmed over and ready to prime.

Primed inner wing.

Primed inner area of the nose cone.

Wing Primed.

Drivers wing primed.

I think it looks a little more like it should.

And the bonnet fits too.

Oh and i had to weld the seat runner in.
Bumper fits, Vents fit, Its a shame Darren ain't got no head lights but it looks like it supposed too.