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Friday, 25 March 2011

Beetle Bonnet the last Post.

Well the bonnet is all but done, Need a few trim clips to put the centre trim on and that's about it. As usual i have painted the bonnet with my trade mark scheme and by the time many of you read this the front & rear wings will be painted two, i must admit my words going back a few entries ago may have been a bit eager, if i had taken the new hood route it would have been completed quite some time ago, But on the other hand it save me money and has filled that endless void of dark nights with little to do, I've got that sense of achievement that the new hood would not have given me, That learning curve were you find out what you are capable of. on that note that's why i started this blog in the first place, I just want the people i know and the one that may stumble across my blog that it ain't that hard. I suppose it depends on what floats ya boat, Some people just want the car but don't want the work, but to me the work and the build is what its all about.

As usual I've got some pictures for you to see, And i hope this time to get some comments as to you points of view, If i don't i may have to refer to you all as miserable bastards in my next update, this will be the installation of the front clip although this was prior to my owning the Bug

Well lads and lasses as i assume some where along the line some lovely young lady will look at my dribble, this is how we left it last time round.

This picture shows how shall i put it! i had done some more finishing works with out pictures, OOH god OK i admit it, Its my failing, Its my age, there was an earth quake,an old friend came in from town !!!

Top coat now were getting some where, i would think by now those of you that know me, have probably guessed where this is going anyway but i cant help my self I've just got to finish, Its that man thing again just creeping in there, ever know a man who just don't have to finish !! 

Top coat done nice and dry not a bad shine and that is still untouched by any polish.

Now this is where it gets tricky as i found out, it one thing putting checks on the front of a bay although that curves in two ways, as i realised a beetle bonnet just curves all over, in fact its just a big bloody curve, But i had the idea and as i have been likened to a Jack Russel with some ones trouser's i just cant let go, Trust me this was not the first go, but here we are the start of the cheques.

This one shows how they actually match the front slam panel, i bet that got you excited or is that just me, tell you what don't tell me !

The masking process begins, this is actually very time consuming, and awkward to get the tape just right.

Half way there been at it for several hours by know just with the tape.

Masked up and trimmed, after this had been masked you carefully have to trim each Square with a sharp blade but you have to make sure you don't cut the paint as when you peel off the excess tape you will and i stress you will take the paint off too.

There is something so good about painting, its that sense of nearing the end, And if you don't open the door you get High as Fuck !

At this point i have to admit before my mate grasses me up when i took this picture it was extremely late and we had just come home from the rat pack revival at the waterside theatre, but i couldn't wait i had to have a peal just to see had it come out OK, sad bastard really.

Bright and early on the Sunday morning still singing like Frank Sinatra doing an impression of some one who cant sing you can only imagine, the unveiling of the finished bonnet.

Just put this one in cos i thougth it was cool !

I know I'm stating the obvious but its a painted wing !!

Its like i said time and effort its surprising what you can do even in you own work shop.

Well two painted wings Front slam panel done, Just the head lights left to do

Again just put this one in again, cos i thought it was a good photo.

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  1. Hey, ok, I get your hint about leaving a comment.. looks like it's only me who leaves comments anyway! Still, goyya say the bug is looking sweet, just like she was when I bought her.. damm fine work old chap!