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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dubs in the park 2011.

Second year i have been too this one and it was good last year, but the number of vehicles surpassed last year greatly, As usual there was the broad spectrum of Volkswagen's as you would expect as this is not an Aircooled only event, Some of the vehicles you tend to think same old same old as do people when they see your own VW as invariably not much has changed on your own. I must say there was a number of motors i could not recall seeing last year, this in its self is excellent as it proves our luv of the vw has stayed the same and the event its self is indeed gaining Momentum. If this is the trend then this does make this show liable to become one of the biggest one days shows of the calender. It was great to see a member of the House of Dub at this event and there was more than one Aylesbury Low life Vehicle.

Well done to the Thames valley Club for this event and may it continue to grow.

Pictures below are a small record of the day, Obviously they do only show my preferred vehicles and i am sure that if you had been there your shots would have shown different, Please see pics and enjoy hopefully.
This one comes from High Wycombe seen it regularly.

Loved this bus Colours were exceptional in my eyes.
This one is my mother in laws old bus now owned by a long term Good friend of mine, he has spent a load of dosh on her to make her look this good.

You Just got to Love a good pick up and this one was excellent.

Good turn out overall today.

East Hampstead House Superb setting for the show.

We all love and probably want a Split !

All there Splits, Bays, wedges 4's & 5's

Sweet OG early bay did like this one.

Row After Row After Row.

House of Dub was there.

Don't forget they are on Fac book

Want One, Dream on !!

That s my Bug  stop Bloody Thief !! only Joking Dave & Tim.

Lovely OG Split any one for Mango!

Really Nice Early Bay Fuch's were like a mirror.

Ah Me kids all smiling must have been a good day !

Ellie loves an ice cream, Problem is it weren't hers !!!

Nice Split .

This bug Won the show for me absolutely Fab.

Loved It.

Totally outragious but i loved the stance & overall look of this proper air cooled Hot Rod.

Ultra low Karmen Ghia was sweet.

Turbo Charged Beach Buggy any one, bet its scarry.

Best rat in my book looked great.

Cant put my finger on it Just liked it.

realy nice stock Notch.

Metal Flake Beach Buggy this pic dont do it justice in the sun was ultra cool!

We were there.

Favourite Bus of the day, 2336 cc motor Running Laughing Gas does sub 18 second passes.

Very Low we like !

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ace Cafe Aircooled Night May 2011.

Well i gotta say when i sat down to put this one on, I thought good god we are nearly half way through the bloody year all ready, Time really fly's especially when your getting Older. But for times like this months Vw Air cooled night life would be so much more, HHMM how can i put it!

just for the record I'm sat here pondering deep in thought !

This pondering and thought actually hurts.

OH yes! got it now, Shit that's the word I'm looking for.

Any way met up with some fellow VW nuts Andy, Claude, Adrian, Kieron & Kim & last but not least my best mate Dave & my son Tim. All  from the Aylesbury Low Life's and we took a steady ride to London once we all made it to the meeting point don't worry Claude i wont tell any one you couldn't start the van your secrets safe WINK WINK !! , it was good to tag along on the tail of such splendid classic & vintage tin. We all arrived safe and sound below are this months Snaps.

The meet, The layby, The oily patch, terittory Marking. I must point out its not a leak its a spill.

And were Off !

Andy hauling Arse!

Claude the 1641 working well.

Kieron & Kim Stock Early bay, Sweet! Totaly Dude!

Adrians Fire bus Stocker too, Nice bus but not if you suffer from vertigo needs to be in the weeds buddy Hoo and some gas burners and a narrowed beam and a fat boy ;-)

I have told dave about sucking that in public its not good, & worse were has it been uurrrggg.

 The cafe nice line up.

The most Low Lifes we have had at the Ace in months.

Darrens Type 4 Nice i love the wheel RAT look is that.

The gathering of the possi.

Darren explaing that the new thing is definatley too have One odd wheel on ya Bus, but Michelle just wasnt havin it.

Want It !

This must be an illegal Gathering !!

Definatley altitude sickness, Only kidding looks great.

Andy looking after What is precious too Him & His Partner !!!

Tidy Old girl isnt she.

Claude's ride tidy !