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Saturday, 30 July 2011

House of Dub July meet.

House of dub July meet was yet again a welcome break from the normality of getting home from work and saying I'm board, And again as per normal there was only the bear handful from the lowlifes who could be bothered to go. This being Myself my son, Claude & Dave whom as usual brought my beetle.
We arrived round seven left round Nine after a couple of glasses of the old amber stuff and a bloody good chat, Spike & Zoe came direct from the workshop grafters these folk, there was the usual people that turned up from House of Dub i would take the time to name them but we talk exchange words like you do but never names, So every one is known as Mate or buddy, it was how ever excellent to catch up with Ben who i ain't seen for some time due to his work commitments.

Never the less we all have the same thing in common we be petrol heads of the VW variety, I took a few snaps to mark the occasion as usual, we did actually video the trip from Aylesbury to Ledburn by sticking my old petrol tank video stand on the wing of the beetle but i cant convert from the video Camera to PC yet but it did work.

Pics below the Karmen was very nice.

Karmen was really nice & up for sale.

Don't matter how you look at them, Just bloody gorgeous.

The lowlifes and two of them Mine  !!

Up for grabs if you want it, Go on Dave you know you want too she calling buddy Calling Calling Calling.

OOH Dave it like ignoring a good woman!

Bargain clean Golf and they guy paid very little.

Nice sun visors we like.

Ben's bus Sweet.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pauls 76 Bay Part Two.

Well it moved on a little bit further towards completion of my part of the works, It ain't by no means done but every step gets it closer. last time i put anything on here we had just welded the front panel in place, I have now made up the front brackets as the panel we used had no brackets for the vent Panel so i made some reinstalled the panel front indicators and head lights the mounts in the head light recesses were all badly bent and some were in the wrong place but we sorted them out and the head lights are back in the wiring is all back to where it should be, Wipers are back in place with exception to the blades & arms, As we have no screen at present the doors are back in place. Then i moved on to the drivers front wheel arch this has been cut out and cleaned up & a trail fit has taken place to see how true it is. Pictures below for you to see some of the works so far.

As always your comments amuse me a little as there are of so few words except Dave of course.

Pics below


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pauls 76 Bay.

Well we decided to take it one step at a time so Paul could keep tabs on his budget, sensible choice really i suppose as many a project falls foul of the dreaded I've run out of money complaint, Obviously bringing the old girl to me is buy far the cheapest option as i charge less than half what the normal suppliers of this type of work do. First point of call was the front panel although the actual front panel does not look overly bad in the following pictures as you will see as you progress what is actually underneath, if you own a bay and you have the tell tale signs like bubbles and flaky rust starting to appear deal with it, As this entry will show you what is happening where it is difficult to see, this will also show what kind of bodge jobs people will do to save money but only short term it does come back to haunt you, Don't get me wrong as my entries show i my self do you filler to finish of but not to mask or save a few Quid.

So as i was saying before i went in to Sunday preaching mode even though it is Saturday I'm doing it again someone really needs to tell me to shut the fuck up, I'm so full of shit some times my eyes should be brown.

OH yes right then front panel any way we that will be my boy, YES HE DOES SURFACE FROM HIS ROOM all be it occasionally set about with the old tools and cut her up. see pictures below.

The strip down commenced lights and external items first.

Dash out next, I find it easier if you label some of the wires helps when you re-assemble.

Dash gone now to remove the front panel and the inner front Panel.

Once we started cutting the outer panel off we hit a slight problem this being previous repairs that had an excessive amount of filler used, believe it or not it was thick enough to stop the 1mm cutting disc from actually cutting.

So as we had n issue i used an old wood chisel and had a bash at the filler.

And this is what we found hhhmmm a tad thick if you ask me, possibly the previous owner that carried this out obviously had shares in plastic Padding !!

Lots of filler going right across the van, unfortunately the budget don't include the front valance project for the future as the steel under the filler was good.

The rust is the result of a crack forming in the filler along the joint's once it gets in there this is what happens it eats away at ya tin from the inside, undetected this will rot your pride and joy unnoticed, if you need to use some keep it thin.

The front could be cut off once the filler was out the way, as you can see the rot was again doing its bit from the inside, undetected until it was well and truly taking hold.

That huge square blob is actually expanding foam that a previous owner had used to fill over trouble with this is once the damp gets back in so does the rust.

Rot that was present behind the inner front panel this needs to be cleaned and repaired.

there was a few minor areas that had a small amount of rot in these again were cleaned and repaired.

Both sides were the same again this was plated up and made good, prior to the front panel being replaced.

Another repair.
Front inner panel installed, just need to get the outer panel in place and welded.
Front clip in place ready to be welded up.

That's the first time I've seen my helmet from this angle, My wife had commented on the size of my helmet on occasion, i realize what she meant now !!!

Job almost done there is still a bit to undertake in order to complete along the bottom, I'm honest if nothing else.

So far it has taken around 17hrs work to get this far, we are planning to get two complete front wheel arches, one jacking point repaired a sill and battery tray & quarter done still got a bit to do yet, so until next time keep the dub thing alive. Oh yes the Golf below is called Nitro Nancy and belongs to My Daughter i promised i would put this on my blog so there you go Ellie.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Latest Arrival in the chequered front workshop.

This One belongs to one Mr Paul Bryant, I have known Paul on a speak to bases for a number of years as we were neigbours for a longtime and obviously we both owned VW'S. I got together with Paul through a mutual friend Mr Bob Davidge some of you into Scooters May know Bob also. Anyway enought of my rambling on as usual, The attached Photos show Pauls 76 Danbury Converetd Bay in its current condition, it has been sat for a while so looks a bit green. We have it here for a new front Panel nearside & offSide wheel arches & battery tray and rear Quarter and one sill & a jacking point. All that typed under one breaf and with one finger your impressed i can tell.

Any way pictures below i will update this one as the work progresses.

As with any danbury conversion it was originally a panel van.

Paul is not sure if he wants to keep the spare wheel on the front, My misses dont like my spare wheel, it must be to many take aways, but apparently im comfortable HHMM.

She is better than she looks overall.

Monza exhaust do love the sound these make rust to shit though.

Somthing to work with in here.

Note to anyone who is intending to build a workshop, build wiyh everyone else in mind not just your lowered bus, When i say this was i a tight fit in mine i mean tight, we nearly had to let the tyres down to get it throught the doors, that was tighter than a Nuns Knickers at a swingers party.

Keep watching peeps for the next update, I love the comments you leave there so easy to read, That's a bloody hint by the way.

Ho yes and welcome to my new Follower thanks for your intrest.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Buses Anual health Check.

Well it is that time of year again and the old girl had to be subjected to her annual health check, the indignity of it. any way as per usual i gave her a bit of a look over prior to letting the vehicle doctor loose on her. i knew i had to do surgery on the exhaust as she caught the ground at the last low life meet and was blowing like a fat dude running for a burger, and i discovered one of the rear shocks was weeping, Funny enough like a fat dude that didn't get his burger, Am i being Fatist here, Oh well who give s a fuck!

I have to come clean though she was on the ramp and bless her she wouldn't start, of all the times to go flat on the test station ramp, Its a good job Ive been going to see John for a long time he boost started her and kept her running for the duration of the mot, then switched he off when he pulled her out, It was like NO! it was too late she was dead in the yard no life in the battery. i had to suck up & ask for the booster Again!.

Any way the good news was despite the old girls appalling behavior with the Vehicle doctor he yet again NOTE that comment YET AGAIN!! not wanting to make a point or anything because I'm not like that But let me remind you of that point YET AGAIN he gave her a clean bill of health that means one more year with no failures, OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH.
obviously you can probably guess by my ramblings that i am quite pleased. Any i don't normally with pics for this but i decided to this year.

That will be The MOT Doctor John Docherty of Elmhurst Service Station Elmhurst Road Aylesbury Telephone 01296 428798, They love VW'S so you know where to go for a good honest service

Some pictures below for the records.

Lets jack the Old girl up and get started.

Theres nothing like a nice arse especially when its stuck in there Air!!

Stripped and feeling vulnerable its Shocking !!

It was surprising to see the difference between the compression rate of the new and old, should be a nice ride after this.

Exhaust off a good clean up and re-assemble with a little exhaust paste and surgery will be complete.

What a lovely looking piece of equipment, I did notice that she is running a little too rich as the exhaust ports are very Black i will have to address this as she drinks like a proverbial Irishman on St Patrick's Day.

This is the garage all Vw enthusiasts should use.

And at this point she Said i don't think so !

A good look around and at closer inspection he found  HHM Nothing.What the heck OH YEAH OH YEAH, SEE MY HANDS BABY !!

No point looking twice you cant find It.

That's the Mot Doctor John Docherty.

The pressure was intense i think she was at braking point !

She was now coming off the ramps all done.

That was it for another year and a clean bill of health.