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Sunday, 14 August 2011

76 Bay update.

Well those of you read my meandering Vw experiences will probably remember me talking about Cynthia a blue beetle that started off as a just replace a heater channel Joby, From there it spiraled in to the usual obis of rotten metal and the owners probably rightly say well we have to do it.

Ha Ha you know where I'm going then, Paul he is a man with a vision and he has the drive to fulfill that ambition, That were i come in Paul referred to me as a tiki of something or other & so we are at the point we are last post i added i think i had just pigged out on my dinner HHHMM, The front valance was all cleaned up and ready for the new sheet steel to be added. this week i have done some more work on the dash No pictures as they would be boring. i have how ever been working on the passengers side wheel arch this is now satisfactorily repaired.

Pics below, as usual please comment i love it you see, Zoe you may have to sign up with google if you want to comment.

PS No Comments with the pics this time feeling lazy.


  1. Hey another good post... we don't need captions under the photos to see how bad the bus is, and to see how how you repair it.! (tho it would be nice) It certainly is getting there...Cant be alot left to do, I bet Paul is pleased with the progress so far.?

  2. i sure am this is far worse than i expected stuart's working magic