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Saturday, 30 July 2011

House of Dub July meet.

House of dub July meet was yet again a welcome break from the normality of getting home from work and saying I'm board, And again as per normal there was only the bear handful from the lowlifes who could be bothered to go. This being Myself my son, Claude & Dave whom as usual brought my beetle.
We arrived round seven left round Nine after a couple of glasses of the old amber stuff and a bloody good chat, Spike & Zoe came direct from the workshop grafters these folk, there was the usual people that turned up from House of Dub i would take the time to name them but we talk exchange words like you do but never names, So every one is known as Mate or buddy, it was how ever excellent to catch up with Ben who i ain't seen for some time due to his work commitments.

Never the less we all have the same thing in common we be petrol heads of the VW variety, I took a few snaps to mark the occasion as usual, we did actually video the trip from Aylesbury to Ledburn by sticking my old petrol tank video stand on the wing of the beetle but i cant convert from the video Camera to PC yet but it did work.

Pics below the Karmen was very nice.

Karmen was really nice & up for sale.

Don't matter how you look at them, Just bloody gorgeous.

The lowlifes and two of them Mine  !!

Up for grabs if you want it, Go on Dave you know you want too she calling buddy Calling Calling Calling.

OOH Dave it like ignoring a good woman!

Bargain clean Golf and they guy paid very little.

Nice sun visors we like.

Ben's bus Sweet.

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  1. It was a very good night, even tho the turnout was low.! Zoe did an excellent sales job, and it was nice to see Ben & his bus after so long. See you all next month.. ;-)