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Saturday, 19 February 2011

More on Adrians Bug Take 3 !

Last time we met ton tinternet That's Northern talk, We were looking at the new panels mocked up in place prior to welding up, I would like to say i was going to get some pictures of myself welding the panels in place but by the time i had set the timer put on the gauntlets and the mask the bloody cameras had gone off, after numerous fuck its, shouting such words as Bollocks and OH Bloody Hell,  I gave up. Just thought i would let you know that! most people that know me are aware that i do occasionally use such words & profanity's.

Any way i am aiming to finish this little item tonight and put the job to bed so you can see the finished job, as far as i am aware Adrian is pleased with the work i done, I suppose i should stop waffling and add some pictures.

I would just like to add before i go on that My friend Claude's father has been unwell and i hope he has now made a good & speedy recovery over in France i wish you well And hope to meet you soon.

The final grinding session before the welding.

front inner wing repaired

Making a little repair piece for the bottom of the door pillar.

Now in place.

Heater channel no welded in place, The door post had a large amount of weld round the bottom as a result of the last repair, I did not want to cut all this out, So i welded the new channel on to this.

In goes the rubber seal before putting in place ready for the welding.

Inside rear of the channel now welded up.

This is some rot that was in the bottom of the rear inner wheel arch that needed to be sorted out.

Sorted, Now just the floor to weld up.

Floor tack welded in place so i could check that it all still fitted ok.

Floor seamed up, I generally do this in sections when its a long run of weld, i tend to weld a few inches then go back to the other end allowing each piece to cool this helps any distortion that could occur at bay.

Floor seamed up to the front of the car.

Just in case no one had noticed i did remove a section of the seat runner to allow the floor repair this pic shows the seat runner back in place.

The next few pictures are the repairs in primer.


That distorted line is the weld area on the inside of the car.

Heater tube Back in place.

Rear seat support and kick panels back in place.

Rear seat re-inserted to rear of car, trying to act posh now using words like re-inserted, I picked that up from a foreign film but we wont go there!!!!!

Carpets now were getting there.

There we go apart from a bit of red back to normal.

At this point j had a chat with Adrian as the running board he had been supplied was of poor quality and the fit was not great, he decided for the purpose of getting it back on the road to leave it off.

Looks the same as when we started don't she.

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  1. Hey, looks like another job well done. I especially like the step-by-step photo's.