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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Beetle rear end repair.

The rear of the beetle had Quite a bad shunt in it, the following pictures are of the repair as it was carried out. I done the works my self, unfortunatley i did not take as many pics as i could have but i do get stuck in and just forget. Any way ive added a few pictures below, Looking back  at the pictures im happy with the job.

As i previously said there was some serious rot to deal with, I had already started to cut some out prior to this photo.

The rear apron not realy use in saving, good excuse to replace with an earlier one !

One of the rear Quater sections after removal Rotten or what!

The rear end back on note the earlier Model apron Looks better already.

Overall pleased with the result, No more rot here !

Thought i better show both sides want to show it was done right!

Rear end put back together again with early deck lid, Looks so much better than the original 67 decklid !

I put a coat of paint on the deck lid as i got a spray can with the car, Got a pair of bumper at Stonor Park, help to clean it up a bit.

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