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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Daves Early Bay.

Well people my old mucker more comonly known as the Dave Clarke AKA miserable old fart (only Joking) HHMM or am eye ;-), he has finaly emptied his bank balance & purchased a very solid early bay, Not that the title gives it way by ant chance, Sometime's you just have to admit you can make your self look a right cock, Then actually admit it on the Net to all and Sundry, it's no wonder no one takes me seriously.
Dave's bay supplied by the one & only House of Dub, And HOD Imports, Sweet bus cant tell you the price it's not Effical you Know, but it was a bargain. And they lowered it in the deal Totally Sweet.

Any way theres a few pictures below too mark the occasion, So dont forget the names OK

HOUSE OF DUB, HOD IMPORTS, Oh and miserable old Fart ;-)

The bay

The inspection

The proud new owner.

The inside need some tlc.

The deal is Done.

And that's the official hand shake Jobby with Spike House of Dub Main man

The standard obligatory we must stand and look at it shot.

And the obligatory look underneath they stayed like that for an hour !!

There he is Me Old Mucker Dave with a cat that got the cream look on his face.

1 comment:

  1. 'Miserable old fart'... says the max branning look-a-like! lol. But yes very chuffed with my early bay, you forgot to mention the HOD Imports also kindly threw in a new headlining. Already been to the beach buggin and Ace Cafe, mmm now where next..?