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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Done a bit on the front of the bug.

Pics below show the damage after I've had a Wee knock at it, I'm a tight Arse see ain't gonna by a new bonnet, because some idiot hit it.
Knocked the worst out.

Not perfect but a little More work it will be fine.

Ive been told by my son today he thinks I've an addiction to Red Primer.

Personally i don't think his comments are justified, But i have now acquired 5Ltrs of Gloss red oxide maybe for the bus !!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Goodwill Too All Men, My Bloody Arse!!!

Well some people just dont understand the meening of goodwill to all men, This is what i found on christmas morning, I would probably not been upset with them considering the weather and time of year if they had knocked the door, I can deal with the hood & i can deal with peoples bad luck theres & mine but to be so bloody awful as to Fuck Off i cant! So from this point on this person will remain in my thoughts as That twat at Xmas!
Every Cloud has a silver Lining it will give something else to put on my blog next year when i straighten it out see the pics below.
OHH The shock !

OOOHHH The Misery!

OH Fuck this its cold im going back in doors for a beer! Well it is christmas you know.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Repair to the rear of the bus.

Right as i said in a previous Entry, The bus got a shunt in the rear by a BMW driver. the following pictures are of the repair i carried out that was beyond the repair centre at Perry's in Aylesbury, I wouldn't trust them with a push bike based on that Information.

This is the damage caused by the rear end of A BMW when it hits you pride & Joy


Bumper off valance out and the Paint Taken off to reveal good clean Metal, Not surprising really replaced the quarter about three year ago.

The damaged corner cut out revealing the damaged battery tray.

Battery tray removed ready for a clean up prior to the replacement.

Another shot of the cut out Metal.

Battery tray clamped in place prior to the spot welds being Done.

Minor repair to metal work behind rear quarter, before the rear corner is replaced.

Rear corner Added continually moved around the joint using spot welds this helps keep the heat to a minimum preventing heat distortion to the panels.

when i cut the quarter out were the original panel was pressed the tin was quite thin, To enable a good repair i added a strip of steel along the inside of the repair for a little extra strength, You can see the penetration marks from the spot welds.

Skim of Filler, Ive never done leading may have a go soon it would be a better option, A quick rub down is all that needed. That's the last picture i took. Yes i know painted it and put it back together on the Sunday didn't take a picture, Trust me you would never know it had happened and the red oxide was so easy To match !!!!!!!!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Marks Bug !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bug i am talking about here belongs to, HHMMM lets say an associate he was introduced to me by a very Good long standing Mate, In fact my best mate i have known for thirty years. Any way enough of the guilt trip!

This bug is a genuine GT super beetle, This car was brought from an elderly chap who had owned it from new and loved it till he was no longer allowed to drive it through ill health, In steps the person i fondly refer to as that Mother F***** that ripped me off for £200.00, I spent several weekends and week at least ten week day evenings overhauling this bug, after it was brought for i believe 1K the Cock that owns it left it parked on his sons drive for over six years and never touched it, Any way he wanted to get it sorted out and unwittingly my mate said i know a man who can !!

In steps Captain trustworthy (that's me please tell me if I'm going on Soap boxes and all that) any way introductions came and went, i agreed to arrange transport and shift the car to my Place, clean out the gas tank replace fuel lines service and get the car running, source all new running gear front & rear every nut bolt clip pipe and part, get a new screen installed replace the vandalised bonnet and get the car Motd, The cars paint was flatter than a witches tit, Cant claim for the polishing of the paint Dave done that with my kids excellent work Buddy. Any way i only charged him £10.00 an hour done over 70 hrs work said he could pay £500.00 he ripped me off for £200.00 only coffed up the £300.00. Ho well cant get blood out of a stone.

Enough of that old bollocks usual story done all the work very few pictures the funny thing is that was about two years ago as you can see i don't bear grudges, Mother F***** its back on his sons drive where i parked it what a Dick ! Any way couple of picks of the car
Nice new beam, Brazillian from VW Her***** not very good threads on the stubs had to be re-cut due to damadge and the back plate holes were untapped, sorted it out though.

Looks nice when its all new, Expensive though.

Quality work, If i do say so my self. That your Q to leave a comment Nudge Nudge Wink Wink!

They need a few Bugs like this on im a celebrity !

I do love Bugs but those light's look like the suffering from elephantitis.

All Original just the way we like it.