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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Daves 1969 Early Bay repaint.

Dave brought his early bay in for some minor body repairs and a repaint, the van was i believe delta green, Dave chose to have the van painted in Samt Gruen with a silver white roof, once painted we added a deluxe belt trim and reassembled with some new rubbers for the glass.

As per other posts pictures below tell the story.

Owen Tozers 1958 Spli Panel van.

Owen brought his 1958 Split in for some repair work to the front and rear wheel arches, as they were flared on the front and rear, as the repairs were going to affect the paint he opted for a full repaint, going back to the original colour when manufactured of L345 Grey with the exception of having a silver white roof, engine bay and tank were also to be painted and the engine bay detailed for a nice clean look, new rubbers and seals were used during the refit, Owen also sent his speedo into Germany for a refurbishment.

As per other posts pictures below tell the story.