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Saturday, 20 August 2011

76 Bay nearly There.

Done some more over the last couple of days, New jacking point now installed on the drivers side of the van the outrigger had been repaired and the front valance is now been welded in place & the dash board is now completed. Just the sill and the hole in the battery tray to go and i can put my bay back in the workshop, engine needs to come out the wee oil leek is now developed to the point it looks like she's been sick. back to the 76 been in the work shop yesterday afternoon and today I'm getting to the point where i feel its been hear to long, i have to say the front valance has been a bastard as the front valance installed is for the earlier bays and the one we took off was home made and was a absolute shit to remove, And it was made of 10 gauge steel and the installer should be shot until death occurs using only blunt pencils as Ammo starting with the genitals. not that i believe in making people suffer but who ever you are you done it to me first.

pictures below.

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