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Monday, 25 October 2010

The Beetle when i got it.

The following pictures are of the beetle just after i had collected it. As the pictures show it looked tatty but overall i liked what i got as i could see the potential for a good little Bug. I got it for a good price as the previous owner is my best mate. Hence when he decided to sell it on i got first refusal.

Redoxide area round door hinge is a previous repair carried out by me for the Dave.

Like wise the primered area by the rear wheel arch.

The black showing is where the front clip was replaced Again this work was carried out by me for Dave.

AH ! this is the reason i got it cheap, It does'nt look to bad in the picture but the deck lid didnt open as it was jammed through damage, it does'nt show in the pictures but the pasenger side did sit low as well & the exhaust was badly damaged. 

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Start of My Blog.

This is the start of my new blog, I hope to keep this Volkswagen related, Mate's Rides, shows Etc. The picture's below are of my rides.

The Bus
It's a 1971 bay window Tin Top it has been lowered got a 1680cc Motor with a mid cam, with competition rocker shafts and Roller rockers, Empi copy wheels. The interior is a devon weekender & is all original and under restoration. since this picture was taken the front beam has been replaced with a creative engineering weed eater beam and now sits lower, ill add some info on that later.

The Beetle
It's a 1967 i bought this as a project as it had been shunted in the rear and was a category c write off i had the intention of cutting it about but changed my mind when i got it as i started driving it & got hooked. since i got it ive done quite a bit of work ill add some pics & some literature as to what ive done to it so far later.