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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Type 2 Turbo update.

Well all be it a little late as most people that read my updates have probably seen it and heard it, so what in this will be nothing new or shout about, But as i meander through life wondering what to do with my self it came upon me that others do actually venture on this site i created some years ago now, these people may just want to know what the final outcome of this project actually resulted in, by this i mean did it actually work or did it just Go bang as some had predicted!!

Fortunately for me and my wallet let alone my life it run, still does some months down the road, Good job really.

So last Blog entry i believe the set up was all be it crudely put together complete on Claude's engine stand and so the story continues, at least you get the ending this time and it was not the Butler?

The oil pipes fitted and the remote filter moved and mounted on a home made bracket.

Oil feed line installed for the Turbo Oil feed.

Heat rap put on the manifold, offer of good advice never do this with out gloves, and never ask you wife to lend a hand with out gloves either, god made me itch, but my wife's some what more delicate hands and arms suffered far more.

Manifold Turbo & waste gate finally bolted in place for the final time.

Put this one in as it looks so cool!

Pipe work done and ready to put in place.

Waste gate pressure pipe in place.

Oil feed in place and the exhaust bolted in place.

Induction Pipes all in Place and clamped up, and dump valve installed.

Another shot of the dump valve in situ.

Finally assembled in its finished state.

Oh yes don't laugh, Exhaust yes that's it, i know some of you have seen it with the silencer added, but i have again removed this and its back to Loud Luv it.

Looks tidy and fits just how i wanted it too it great to prove these things can be done, and that the ones whom believe they know best really you don't?

And that as they say is that, all ready for the initial fire up at the time.

I am, aware that i said i would start it on the trolley but i am an impatient git on a normal day, when i am gagging to test several months of planning and work it just had to go in!

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