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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ashley Hollins, Beetle Body Repairs

Ashley's bug came to me for the obligatory bit of welding, Ashley new of my capability and works Ashley was the second of the two whom battled it out in the last few minutes of the auction on eBay for my Pride and joy my yellow 67 Bug, So hence he ended up buying this one that as per the norm has it own fair shair of problems.

That's the bit where i came back in he needed work done and it wanted to be good work at a competative price, That is what i do best and i deliver what the owner wants not what i believe they should do!

After i finished the 1971 Bay Turbo build Ashley's bug was next in, it was in for replacement front and rear Apron's, Inner front wheel arches and a panel in the drivers side floor pan under the seat.

Overall Ashley's bug is a pretty solid Beetle and now a little more now she been with me.

New rear apron fitted & welded in place.

New front apron trial fit.

Front apron welded in place.

I had to repair the spare wheel well as it had a little rot.

Right front inner wheel arch mocked up prior to welding.

Job done, fully welded in nice and solid.

This is the section of floor the rot had appeared round the seat mount, cut this out and put in a new piece of steel.

Seat mount back in place.

Ready to go back home.

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