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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Early Bay/Type 2 Turbo Start up.

Not much to say on this one except, we came , we conquered, yes people it lives it breaths the doubters you were all wrong, you still are wrong as to date it still runs fine and aint gone bang.

The two videos below are the first initial fire up and the second is the second run up after it had a few tweeks. Personally i like the second video as you can if you listen with the volume up a bit here the turbo spool and whine on its way down it was a very good day, with a little relief i can tell you.

I would like to say thanks to the people who believed i could do it and offered moral support when i hit the stressy bits it wasnt easy to do from scratch on your own, those people whom are many i know, but Dave C, Claude B, all they guys from Outcast vw and all the people who commented on my facebook page appreciated.

But most of all my wife Julie for putting up with me and my love for VW'S, a challenge and agreeing to the cost cos it wasnt cheep you indeed are a star.


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