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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pauls 76 Bay Part Two.

Well it moved on a little bit further towards completion of my part of the works, It ain't by no means done but every step gets it closer. last time i put anything on here we had just welded the front panel in place, I have now made up the front brackets as the panel we used had no brackets for the vent Panel so i made some reinstalled the panel front indicators and head lights the mounts in the head light recesses were all badly bent and some were in the wrong place but we sorted them out and the head lights are back in the wiring is all back to where it should be, Wipers are back in place with exception to the blades & arms, As we have no screen at present the doors are back in place. Then i moved on to the drivers front wheel arch this has been cut out and cleaned up & a trail fit has taken place to see how true it is. Pictures below for you to see some of the works so far.

As always your comments amuse me a little as there are of so few words except Dave of course.

Pics below


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  1. The front of Paul's bus is looking better for the new front panel, but it's all the little brackets and other little jobs you do that don't always get noticed that make it what it is.!!