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Monday, 11 July 2011

Latest Arrival in the chequered front workshop.

This One belongs to one Mr Paul Bryant, I have known Paul on a speak to bases for a number of years as we were neigbours for a longtime and obviously we both owned VW'S. I got together with Paul through a mutual friend Mr Bob Davidge some of you into Scooters May know Bob also. Anyway enought of my rambling on as usual, The attached Photos show Pauls 76 Danbury Converetd Bay in its current condition, it has been sat for a while so looks a bit green. We have it here for a new front Panel nearside & offSide wheel arches & battery tray and rear Quarter and one sill & a jacking point. All that typed under one breaf and with one finger your impressed i can tell.

Any way pictures below i will update this one as the work progresses.

As with any danbury conversion it was originally a panel van.

Paul is not sure if he wants to keep the spare wheel on the front, My misses dont like my spare wheel, it must be to many take aways, but apparently im comfortable HHMM.

She is better than she looks overall.

Monza exhaust do love the sound these make rust to shit though.

Somthing to work with in here.

Note to anyone who is intending to build a workshop, build wiyh everyone else in mind not just your lowered bus, When i say this was i a tight fit in mine i mean tight, we nearly had to let the tyres down to get it throught the doors, that was tighter than a Nuns Knickers at a swingers party.

Keep watching peeps for the next update, I love the comments you leave there so easy to read, That's a bloody hint by the way.

Ho yes and welcome to my new Follower thanks for your intrest.

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  1. Hey, nice to see yet another vw in the workshop. If you keep up the quality repair work and servicing there will be a waiting list for punters to get some work done..! Keep taking the photo's so us mortals can see what and how you do things. dave c.