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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

1966 Volkswagen Beetle Restoration.

Oil Droppers was contacted in Late April, By the owner of a part restored 1966 Beetle, we arranged a visit and had a look  and a chat with Lee & Mindy.

It was agreed we would be taking on the works to complete the car, The car was as mentioned earlier already started, The body & Floor pan had been repaired and painted, windows and roof liner had also been done, we had been tasked with assembling the rest from cables, Pedals to controls all the rolling stock, engine & transmission to be installed, full wiring Harness to be installed along with the ancillary components, the car was originally a 1200cc 6volt beetle, this was to be converted to 12 volt running an alternator Two speed wiper system etc.

Upon its arrival in the workshop, we had to remove the original front beam, this was to be rebuilt, But unfortunately due to corrosion another beam was sourced by the owners, I would like to say this was an easy build but this was not the case, we had to undertake some more body repairs and adjust the doors to ensure they shut properly, and the engine and transmission didn't mate as the bell housing had not been sufficiently wasted to clear the 3.5mm larger 12 volt flywheel, all in a days work when doing this kind of thing though.

Any way onwards and upwards the following photos are just a few of the 235 photos that we took during the course of the reconstruction of this little gem.

As she arrived.

The work commenced

Front Beam removed.

Parts supplied by the client.

An area of the floor was a little thin and at the request of the client was replaced with some fresh sheet.

Transmission installed.

Next step rear brakes.

All new flexi pipes and hard lines were installed through out.

New rear side panels left & right needed replacing.

Next step was to create the new loom.

This was the first of many trial fits while my self  Claude wasted the bell housing..

Replacement Beam installed as soon as it arrived from the clients.

Refurbed dual circuit master cylinder, this was mated to the original master cylinder for a period look.

Front suspension assembled.

Steering assembled and the flexi pipes installed to the front hubs.

Motor going in for the final time.

The wiring Finished.

If you want to see the running motor, take a look at the oil droppers Facebook page the video is on there.

 The completed Job.

This was the point that we has full filled our part in this project, the car was now to return to the client who were to install the interior and finish the car, the car will how ever return to Oil Droppers to be prepped for the mot and taken for her test.

Its a shame we did not have the finished wheels and Hub caps would really have finished the job off.

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