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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

1960 Split Screen Twin Side Loader.

1960 Split Panel Van

Oil droppers were recently contacted by Mark & Kelly who had recently purchased a 1960 Split screen panel van, the van was in need of some metal replacement around the bottom of the vehicle, Oil Droppers originally quote to undertake some of the works for the previous owner, the decision was made to sell it instead, Once Mark had purchased the vehicle the quote I submitted was passed on to him as a guide to the cost of the works, And in short Mark got Oil Droppers to do the works.

It originally come in to us for inner & Outer front valance, 150mm upper front panel, NS/OS outer wheel arch skins, and NS/OS belly pans to be replaced and a repair to a damaged rear wheel arch due to the loss of a wheel in the past. unfortunately once work commenced it became apparent that there was more to do than first anticipated, the bottom of the A post was gone on both sides, the floor and steps were also very bad and had been repaired with copious amounts of fibreglass & filler, the inner outer and middle sills were also rotted out and had to be replaced.

The vehicle was repaired using the best quality Autocraft Panels supplied by Cool Air Volkswagen specialist, once the works were completed the agreed stage it was then returned in primer as there was more works to be done at a later date with a view to a full repaint once done, pictures below show the works in progress.



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