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Sunday, 28 April 2013

VW Type 2 Turbo project Part 2.

In my last post i had achieved Fuck All! Not really LOL,  hang on there just a tick as i need to check the last post to see were i had actually got to, Is that the right were or should it be where? Oh well who actually gives a shit, OK I'm back now i know where i got to in the last post i can carry on with my usual dribble about my on going garage antics, So last pic was of the turbo mocked up on the home grown manifold, since then i have managed to undertake some more on my Bus, The manifold has been completed and checked for fit Bla bla Bla,The waste gate is a 38mm external Tial type the waste gate exhaust has been fabricated and i have cut the hole for this in the rear metal work, I have also cut the rear metal work and added some fixing points so it is now in two pieces and fixes together in situ, i have fabricated the exhaust this is made of several pieces cut and welded together as i could not find a bend tight enough to suite what i required, this I'm sure will be a topic for debate due to the nature of it having no silencer, Mind you my previous exhaust was to say quite loud, so am i bothered? in simple terms NO!.
I am now fabricating the compressor tubes for the induction side of affairs these are going to feed direct into the carbs.

Any way enough of my Dribble pictures below for prosperity i hope people like what they see, Please feel free to comment if you have a google account set up

Exhaust Flange got it off EBay £12.00 Result.

The angle of the bend i required to fit in the space i had was difficult to find even mandrel bent, so i had to create a one off.

Welded up, five individually cut pieces.

Down pipe added.

Flange added ready for that refit.

Well it fits, I'm happy with that!

You can see why it needed that tight bend.

Waste gate exhaust made up, Nice and simple.

Waste gate exhaust fitted.

Tail Pipe fitted.

Tin Ware cut ready for modification to suit my needs.

Tin Joint by the engine seal.

Joint to the rear Apron/Valance your choice of name as I've heard it called both.

Installed in the bus checking for fit.

When you look from under neath the pipe work does look complicated!

All in place for yet another of the countless mock ups.

The creation of the first of the compressor pipes for the induction side, the problem is you have to make it all from scratch the fun of home grown is the achievement's?

Induction pipe second section this was a bit easier just one whole to cut.

Clamped for welding, the good thing about having a good well built and level bench you can clamp to it.

Another weld done not too many more maybe ten or so, i have another two bends to create.

And yet, another mock up, you cant have to many trial fits, looks four times check four times, measure and re-measure, them measure again when you are happy and 110% you got it right tack it, re-fit it and check again, if you need to do another mock up make sure its all as you expect then complete that piece.

If i can give any good advice it would be Research first even if it takes months before you are sure you are doing it right, during your project take you time don't rush it will go wrong, don't cut corners if it starts to stress you leave it and go back another day, be patient and always give 100% to your work.
Oh yeah one other thing if you have taken the time to research your project, and you get people trying to put you down, stay mature keep level headed and politely and in the best possible taste tell them to FUCK OFF!
Keep smiling even if its hard it may just cheer someone else up.
Thanks for visiting.

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