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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Early Bay Type 2 Turbo

I had been talking about putting a turbo on my Bay, it already running a 1679cc motor with a mild cal and twin carbs, She got some go but when is there enough, that age old question when do you stop?

Like i said been talking or threatening to do it for some time, heard all the oh you have to do this you have to do that,after a lot and i do mean a lot of talking with people and trawling the net looking at pictures & Videos etc, over a period of time a accumulated the basic parts, Turbo handy when your looking at this kind of project a bit of a stumbling block if its missing, got a new one a nice 38mm waste gate, New blow off vale/Dump Valve call it what you will, pre-cut flanges etc you get the picture, i decided to utilise the original four branch and cut this up to make the new one, i decide to put the turbo inside the engine bay and at the same time try to keep the engine easy to get too as well, i brought the manifold up through the rear apron on the left side of the engine bay and the turbo is to sit on top, The pictures below will show what i mean, any way i have so far got to the point of getting the turbo mocked up on the manifold in the engine bay.

Still got a lot to do before i can contemplate the initial fire up but it will get there, i have also got to prove to my doubters this is achievable.

The pictures as usual below show where I'm at currently. A couple of the pictures are not brilliant as i took the on my phone, its a blackberry this word is obviously foreign or Latin for Shit !

First two Pipes Made up.

I curved the pipe to allow the heater pipes to be connected properly.

This shows another view of the curves allowing connection of heater pipes.

lower manifold pipes driver side.

Connecting the pipes up ready for the collector.

Re-used the collector from the original four branch.

This shows the collector through the rear apron.

Looks quite good mind you I'm biased.

Flange for the turbo to sit on, the tube is 2.25 Inch knocked  into a square to fit inside the flange.

Hole cut in the side for the waste gate.

Waste Gate Tube cut to fit on collector.

Collector and waste gate assembly mocked up, note i still have to cut the hole for the waste gate pipe.

Turbo mocked up.



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