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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Paint Shop Pros's Owner Baja Bug in for tweek.

Gavin from Paint shop pro's ( is a regular visitor to our local club the Outcast's, ( at the March meeting held at the charter in Aylesbury we had a brief chat as his baja was not running particularly well, In short it ended up with me to sort out the poor cold starting issue, and the erratic idle when warm, Not a major issue really but Gavin being busy with his business was not finding the time do it him self. any way First issue was the fact the carb had actually started to dismantle its self, and the timing didn't seem quite right either but that another story.
Shame you have to remove the exhaust to get the guard off to use your timing light! any way after a bit of playing around cold start sorted and the idle reasonably static, As this is running a 009 distributor it tend s to be a little erratic on idle but clear through the rev range, i would suggest as this is running a single carb to go back to the original Vacuum Advance type of Distributor as this will improve idle running and increase fuel economy.

A few pictures below of His Baja.

Paint has silver metal flake over the blue, look really retro looks great when the sun catches it, Sun i do recall seeing some of that a few years ago now !

Despite the addition of the super trap it is quite loud.

Its a shame this current spring type weather don't show the actual metal flake in the paint, trust me it looks sweet.

I would like to say it was warmer in my shop, but i would be liar, It was fucking Freezing !!

Note the proximity of the exhaust to the bottom pulley you can see why the guard had to be removed.

If you need painting done these are the people to call, you can also find the on face book.

Our club come along and see us we always welcome new faces, you cam also fins us on face book.

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