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Sunday, 3 June 2012

karmann Ghia.

Well the Ghia finally arrived at my humble little Workshop, I must say when this little gem turned up though just for once a nice straight forward little job i can get stuck into turn around and get back to the owner, when i first went to see this Ghia it looked nice apart from the fact someone had grafted beetle head lights in the front, Darren the owner had grown to hate them & i have to admit i can understand why, Beetle lights should stay in beetle not Ghia's. it was with me for a drivers wing and a new front panel, passengers side the owner wants rebuilt with a replacement head light surround panel.

Well back to the it arrived point, we stuck in the work shop and there it sat till Saturday when i decided to have a little scratch around and see what i was to deal with, And to my absolute delight, And if you believe that your  bloody stupid things were not as they seem as usual the old rot was there and i found it and not where i want it to be, take a look below progress has been made.

I actually took photos from the start this time so i have put a few on to show progress.

Don't look to bad does it drivers side is poor other wise its not to bad.

That doesn't look to bad.

Better cover the glass to avoid grindings pitting the surface's

Like wise for the rear.
But when one side is this bad you have to start looking, How bad is the other.
Like i said just gotta look, although far worse than i had estimated.

And then it gets worse still, this old girls front end is not very good.

This is glass & filler about an inch thick.

Plates spotted in place to bond too, This is really Bad workmanship.

Uncovering more this time in the side of the wing.

Drivers side wing now removed.

There are so many plates on the front of this wing.

Then i found this adjacent to the bonnet hinges.

This is up on the bulk head next to the fresh air inlet pipe.

Front of the inner wing

Rear of the inner wing near the top adjacent to the Bonnet hinge.

This screw was holding the front panel in place prior to filling over.

Front clip removed

And the hole in the side of the wing.


  1. EEK... It didn't look bad at first. Looks like you got your work cut out.. (get it, cut out!!, don't know whjy I bother)Anyway keep taking photo's...

  2. Good work, keep posting, I gonna love this thread.