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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Aylesbury Low Lifes Run to the House of Dub.

I was scratching around like you do when the weather is in such a glorious period of shitness when i stumbled across my Video recorder so i grabbed it and blew of the dust, It then dawned on me!

The last time this saw day light was way back in last summer i had attached it to my old stand that stuck to my GSXR Tank and stuck it on the beetles wing,  we as in my self Dave Clarke, Claude Buisan & Tim Munro took a trip over to see some good friends over at the House Of Dub Meet at ledburn.

This video is the heavily reduced footage of this experiment, I do have to point out this is the first attempt at creating a video so its not great, So if by some chance Steven Spielberg Stumbles across it!

     Don't Worry Steve you have nout to worry about Trust Me!!

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