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Monday, 7 May 2012

The buses arse end, The last mile.

Well i finally after a little effort achieved the continued threats of i will finish the bus, well i have! HA, Thank god for bank holiday week ends. last time i done an entry on the rear end, she screamed oh god that hurts, No sorry only joking scratch that and ignore its just my sick sense of humour.

Right back to the actual task i should be talking about the half repaired corner of the bus. the corner had been welded in and it was the finishing left to do, so i pulled out the filler and spread a thin coat on the van then flattened it off to a smooth finish followed by a coat of filler primer to get rid of those in perfections in the filler, you know the odd line still visible from the course sand paper, This was then followed by the obligatory red oxide the vans standard colour, while the Red oxide was drying i coated up the Overider with some red oxide to protect it prior to the white primer & coated up the engine hatch and rear apron, I left the painted areas to dry adequately overnight, Then removed the masking and paper prior to being reassembled today, That will be May 7th 2012.

took a few pictures as usual not sure if i ever do enough pictures really but no complaints to date so i assume all is good.

Hatch prepped and ready for priming.

Rear corner, Nothing like stating the obvious is there, In filler primer this was prior to flatting off, i should have taken a picture when it has been flattened off it was oober shiny the whole panel looked the bollocks, HHMM gives me a idea for a later date.

From another angle, looks pretty good if you ask me, mind you if i said i wasn't i would be a twat?

Panels primed, but not flattened off, cos I've got this idea you see.

Overider primed, when you look at this Don't forget this was mullered in the shunt and i beat this straight.

If i said it was perfect i would, I get the feeling of Dajavous (fuck knows if that spelt right even spell check said what the fuck is that) here, Oh perfect i would be a liar but if it was it really wouldn't match the rest of the van would it. That assuming that you have seen it.

The newly coated area from another angle.

Now we really are on the home run when you get shiny bumper parts.

These were rusty as F**k so i gave them a good rub down and a splash of silver, One was badly twisted from the prang by the time i had beaten it straight it didn't have much chrome left.

Just the catch, Lights & bumper left to do.

Apart from the obvious fresh paint you wouldn't know it had been Hit at all.

Not bad really, Perhaps i should take it up for a living !

Now that's more like it, Got my Baby back just the way i like it.

All done back up to scratch see you at the next meet if ya see my van feel free to stop and chat.

Right then i need to think about this idea, catch you soon PEEP'S.

Oh yeah take a look at these pictures, All being good and well this is the next visitor to the Work shop, Ya just know if it does it will be on here.

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