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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Heater channel part duex.

Hello once again we are back to continue the ongoing dribble i call a blog entry, were as i do my best my best to you a breast of my continued efforts to combat the cancerous disease we all no as Rust.

last time i put a post on i was mid watythrough the delicate task of grafting a new passenger side heater channel into me bug, Its not really delicate as i have been using several hammers a large chisel and a grinder, Oh and obviously several obligatory profanities! I'm gonna have to admit i am not sure that is spelt correctly i also have to admit i don't realy give a shit! i have been told i should not really use such words in my blog but i like looking at the past so to those people look back about 27 or 28 words that will tell you my thoughts.

Any as usual I'm rambling, back to the heater channel, it is finally done and just needs to have its MOT, When funds allow. In the last post the heater channel was being made ready to be put in place ready to be mocked up, I did find that the rear had been repaired several times so i chose to replace a section of the rear in order to remove the dodgey section just to remove all the rot and old repairs. there was an iffy section on the floor from a whack to the jacking point, this had actually damaged the floor so this needed to be repaired, there was a bit of rot in the bulk head that needed to be dealt with i think that in the future the bulk head will need to be replaced that will be interesting. Any way threes a few Pictures below to show the end results, again thanks for looking and feel free to comment.

This is the whacked Jacking point see the nice curve we have, Ouch.

This the damage caused by the jacking point, it had fractured the floor causing cracks that had allowed rot to start.

Sorted, cleaned up and taken back to clean good metal.

The under side of the the damaged floor, i decided to seem it up from both sides to ensure it is strong and limits chance of rot setting in. I do want to point out sometimes these are just my opinions and my own methods not always the practised Norm.

The rubber is a bit of a bastard to keep in place in the little lugs are missing that hold it in place while the body is manoeuvred, this can be a major pisser trust me, so i decided to use pop rivets to hold the rubber in place, Hey it worked so don't Knock it, may have to POP a Cap in yo ass !

Another shot of the rubber, not that i have any kind of fetish about the stuff, Honest Guv.

Money being tight as it is for us all I'm sure i chose to clean up the plates & re-use i did buy new Bolts as this obviously is a must.

Well its in its all down hill from here.

Bolted in to ensure it stays in the right place while we weld.

As you can obviously see we have a few gaps here this was done in order to cut out some rot that i needed to remove to stop it spreading.

The welding process can begin i started in side at the rear as i normally do, i can say this as i have now managed to achieve three installations now (yeah big words now), Must be Mad.

The new panel trimmed and ready to install,as you can see the holes allow spot welds, the line along the top is the joggled edge, this allows the two edges to over lap and weld together, as if you don't know that, Fuck in sap !

As i do this i find my self thinking i need to do it different each time, the picture i didn't take was the were i bolted the wings and the running boards on to make sure that it all fitted together, if you look you can see the running board under the car, and the wing is still bolted on while the new plate was spotted in place so they cant move.

Welded, the scorch marks, i have to admit were either wax Oil or under seal that was inside and ran down through heat and hence flames and smokey marks, I'm honest, You never stop learning.

All the little bits done now just the front to do.

This panel is for the front, i needed to repair the front inner wing as per usual, i chose to make my own panel, and here it is, DER DER !! i think that's how you do it, is it?

My panel, in place welded up, coolio.

The inside again the door pillar was a little shit so i repaired that as well.

Repair to the bulk head, this will need further surgery later in life.

Red primer to add that little protection, its like a condom in Can for metal, Safe.

And in the front, looks reasonable if i say so my self.

Inside rear, getting boring now move on!

Yeah i heard you, you know.


Nearly Done.

Back on its wheels yeah baby.

That's the seat in think were done.

The workshop is empty, ready for the bus, as i still need to repair the rear quarter from the whack.

The bug back outside just need to MOT the bloody thing now, its all bloody money ain't it.

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