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Saturday, 10 March 2012

At last i started the repair to my rear !!

Well after i finally finished the heater channel on the bug well finished enough to put it back together and use the bug again, i must admit this took way to long i suppose with Xmas's in the middle and me old aching back, it was to be expected. Well it was quite some time ago now when me bus took a shunt up the arse by of all things a souped up bloody Megan, so i shoved the bus into the garage and took the bumper off so i could have a better look at the, the point of impact it ain't pretty & if i have to be honest actually worse than i thought, any one who actually knows me bus will be aware that it has got overiders on it, the problem was these were only bolted in by one bolt not the pair IE one through the middle and the one that goes through from the  bottom was missing.

When Mr Megan hit the old girl it actually twisted the Overider up and cut a perfect Overider shaped cut in the rear quarter & while cutting actually done quite a bit of damage to the battery tray. The rear hatch has been dented although it is hard to show in the pictures, The rear valance has taken quite a shunt, these did need to be replaced. enter Spike Hughes of House of Dub( if you are looking for early bay parts a restoration or a complete van give them a call. Sales pitch over any way spike managed to get me what can only be described as two superb items to replace the damaged ones.

Pictures below Not many as usual i get carried away then think oh shit no pictures.

Bumper removed, You can see the cut just below where the light fits.

Added this one as it shows the overider shaped cut a bit clearer.

Like i said it not overly clear but you cam make out the dent just below the latch plate.

This pic shows the latch is not at the angle it should be.

 This picture shows the damage to the battery tray, this picture was taken again after i had knocked it about a bit.

 Ho these are the panels i got from house of dub picture don't do them justice these are really good panels.

So after this little play i turned my attention to the offending overider that inflicted the damage we have been looking at, this in its self was damaged and i hasten to add that both people that quoted for the works wanted to replace, so i though about it long and hard took at least two or three possibly at a stretch four minutes, NNAA i can can straighten that, so i did pictures below.

 This pic shows the impact damage to the overider and you can see the impact has bulged the side out as well, the mating edge to the bumper is also out of shape.

 This image shows the dent from another angle.

 A good rub down prior to tackling the offending dent, and all because the fucking Megan driver couldn't pay attention and whack, What a twat.

 Right then i will say at this point the over rider is made of decent gauge steel being original items, so i did use proper source of heat as you can see.

 I used a large wooden block as to rest the over rider on while applying force via a suitable sized set of ball end hammers.

 And if i say so when comparing the repaired to the original that's a pretty satisfactory result, i think it should pass.

 And from another angle just to show it really is straight.

The last picture is just to show what tools i used to under take this task, simple tools we all have, i like to do these things and put them on as i believe it does show what we can achieve if we make the effort and apply some though & effort. And although i am not sure of the cost of a repro part i would bet money I've saved between £30 & £50 to me that's a result, and it took about two hours.

Again to all that look, Thanks it makes it worth it, Feel free to comment i do for one like & enjoy the fact that people have had a look and read the entry's.

Thanks again.

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  1. Hey you forgot to mention that it is the same panel that got 'hit' last time.. never mind I just did. Just goes to show that with a few basic tools and a bit of know-how anyone can save a fortune on repairs. Looking forward to the panel repair write up with photo's.