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Friday, 23 December 2011

The Bug & The heater Channel.

Well any one who has been on my Blog before & who follow my Blog Thanks to those you know who you are! If I'm honest i know who some of you are but there are a couple that i have no friggin Idea, but you interest is much appreciated, OH god i can feel myself welling up the emotion of it all.
OOPS i must be showing my softer side HHHMM.

Back to the bug, Well the old gal was  supposed to for the dreaded health check in November but last time round i was aware that loitering under the glued on carpets to the passenger side heater channel the was some crustiness, so i Pulled the bus out of the work shop, me other woman as the wife calls her and shoved the bug in, Then that's were i left them, Bad arse Fuck i left me bus out side man must be mad.

Well the Xmas break has arrived so i thought i got to do it the bus needs to go back in the shop.

Oh Fuck yeah i ain't added the pictures have i ( Picture me hands om head saying that) such a drama queen me i know most of you that know me are probably saying Fuck off ! right now but makes good reading HAHAHA. No you wont believe it but in an earlier post i have pics of the repair i done on the rear quarter from a smack , Well some Chuffing NHS employed Yuppie smacked my bus in the same fucking place do you believe that if it weren't for bad luck i wouldn't have any fucking luck at all,
Yeah I'm grizzling again i know Bah Fucking Hum Bug especially to NHS Geeks that Drive Fucking Renault Megan's TWAT.

Any way as per usual i seem to have digressed again into what is obviously a traumatic triggered case of Megan driver tourettes. But what this is all about is the Bug i have taken photos of the heater channel and what is obviously just a case of flaky skin. Pictures below for prosperity. Fucking Twat Megan driver Twat Twat Twat.

That my Boy, he likes to give a hand but his boredom fresh hold is short.

But never the less he does get this job done, good lad & at £0.00 phr he is cheep.

As you can see it has a few holes there Now but i am sure you have all seen worse.

Well alright not much worse.

Yeah Yeah i know its dreadful I'm so ashamed twat Megan driver !!

As this picture shows there was not actually a heater channel left,
 good stuff carpet hides a multitude of sins you know.

Oh and we like things like this a repair on a repair ooh excellent and look at the
First repair it has at least six spot welds, proper job that one.

That's what we like plenty of crap it shows you've done some thing.
 yeah purchased a rotten motor.

Bulk head suffering as well not sure how much or how far to go with this,
 its a parts getter as long as she passes it can wait !!!!

Not clever is it.

At last a well earned break, SSHH dont wake me.

This is my new GSF heater Channel really Good quality NOT!
But its all i can afford at the moment.

There's gaps every where, if you have the bucks buy a genuine German one,
I have read in a commercial magazine, Volks world i think it was VW are now producing
Genuine Vw quality parts for early models excellent.

Look at the production level theres a lot of time and effort gone it to that,
you cant just produce stuff like that any where you know taken years to perfect.

Well thanks for looking peeps, update again soon, Sooner i should say i intend to finish by the end December so keep ya eyes open, To all i know & too all i don't but who take the time to read my Blog i hope you all have a most excellent Very Merry Xmas & new year just in case i don't finish before End December.

OH except any one who drives a Megan LOL .