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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The ongoing saga of the bonnet.

Well i have been busy since my last Post, I have converted my carport into a workshop i can now work comfortably with out being troubled by Wind, You have all got warped minds i mean weather! really it does play havoc with your gas!
`Any way last time i put the bonnet on the blog i had knocked it straight and give a coat of primer for protection, I have since had another knock at it and put a little more effort into the straightening side, any way pictures & comments below.

A good session with a disc shows what we have to deal with, Not the cosy work area!

You can see in this pic there is still a couple of horizontal dinks in the hood, rather a lot of filler in the hood as i found out.

Just another shot to show how much straighter it is now.

The hood had been modified in the past, the bonnet handle holes had been welded up badly way to much heat caused some warping.

Just added this one for the crack really, look at from another angle.

A bit of filler i know some one will say don't have filler what can i say I'm not perfect, Filler 14.99 new hood 90.00 HHMM lets see ! 14.99 and some time that's as real as it gets.

A thin spreading of filler to smooth out the imperfections, My wife said i need a lot of that don't know what she means, Any one care to enlighten me, Sensible answers to the following address !!!!!!!

A quick sand off once set.

Always best to finish by hand, Its a man thing so I'm told!

Smoother than a baby's, better leave it there for legal reasons.

I may take this opportunity to say it is preferable to wear a mask, as i normally do must have been a slip on my part.

Red oxide in car terms safer than a condom.

 Well all i have to do now is paint it, Lets hazard a guess what colour/Colours it may just end up, its all in the name i suppose. OOH yes keep an eye open for my next update, it will be called Adrian's Bug its a good one with at least twenty plus pictures.
Keep you Posted.

Sneak preview!

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