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Monday, 14 February 2011

More on Adrians bug.

Right then were did we leave it Last time, Apart from on the floor and in abox. Right Adrian chose to get the extra parts needed to continue the on the heater channel, so with out to much Bull shit OOP's sorry i mean Chat from me ill continue with the photo's and the works as they progressed.

Well as you can see by the time the air chisel had shaken the bones out of the old girl, like i said in a box.

And on the floor as you can see it really was quite rotten really probably caught it just in time.

After the measuring and re-measuring the old rotten floor pan was cut out, i tend to use ultra thin cutting discs when carrying out this sort of work as they cut really quick and give you a really straight line with little heat transfer. The white paint you can see is just my own way of checking the overlap on the panels after cutting.

As you can see the same here that cut is bloody marvelous if i do say so myself, Straight as a straight thing

This is what was remaining after i had cut the floor out. i don't know what to say really i suppose shit covers it !

All the new bits just need to trim and ready to fit.

Trimmed and ready to go, i don't need to explain about the white paint do i class i may ask questions later gold star for the top student.

Panels in place Mocked up for trial fit.

Front section trial fit looks great at this point.

This is the front inner wing, Why am i explaining your all bug lovers you already know, Oh god must not forget to point out the rot by the heater channel.

Under side oohh look floor pan bolts just the way it should be, i know i am what people will call an amatuer, But i can not believe that somone would weld it all together.

Well the next entry will be the final preping and the welding it all together and the final leg the reasembly of the old girl.

Thanks for looking and appreciate your comments on my relentless dribble! and obviously my work.

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