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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Adrians Bug.

Adrian asked me if i could undertake some work on his bug, I popped round to see him & Cynthia? apparently that the name his delightful lady gave the Bug. and we agreed the way forward, this originally seemed like a straight heater channel swap, As the vehicle was sworn i arranged for the use of transport to move the bug to my gaff. Once in my little work shop i started to look at the job in hand, That's when things started to change, the heater channel had been welded to the floor pan on the inside and the out side, The recess for the floor pan bolts had been completely welded over. I started to tap and large quantity of Golden stuff fell out but alas it was not gold. I gave Adrian a call so he could pop round & have a look.

The following pictures are of the works as they were carried out, I took over sixty pictures but i will not bore you to death with all of them, As i do want you to look at the blog again. Any way take a look at pics and see what you think, Oh! you will see some pics of my son on this one as he is my side kick & generally helps me out, I would like to acknowledge my thanks to him. And as usual comments welcome Except the glowing Bold patch on my head as i already know its there !!!!

Cynthia Arrives.

Safely tucked away, I had to abandon my Bus to the elements She was not Happy !

Let the strip commence, My wife was not happy when i said Cynthia was stripping down in the garage !

That My Boy !

Oh dear that HHMM Not good ?

OOH LOOK NO FLOOR PAN BOLTS that's a surprise were could they have gone !

CRACKING JOB you just weld it all together, I do hope some one is really embarrassed.

You cant really see it but the heater tubes are taped in and have been sliced to make fit, Nice shade of Gold round There.

How much! there's Gold in them there Sills HA HA Fools gold only though.

My son only farted and all this fell out, Well it had a little help with the wee Hammer.

Out with the cutter lets see what we've got then.

It don't look good, but we've all seen worse.

Err No don't look any better from this angle.

I now know why you should cut it out not cover it up its the only way to cure.

Inner front wheel arch not good either.

Air chisel to floor to remove the plates previously welded in.

heater chanel now out and the missing floor pan Bolts revealed, they had welded over the top leaving all the crap behind to carry on rotting dont make sense.

It was around this point i called Adrian to come and have another look, we agreed that the floor pan needed some remedial works, Adrian ordered the floor pan repair pannels and we waited for delivery prior to going further.

Next entry later this week, Well with so many pictures and my Two finger typing it will porbably take longer to do the blogg than to fix the Bug !!!!!!!!

Catch you on the flip side.

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