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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Volkswagen 1303 Beetle AKA Brum.

Oil Droppers had this tidy little 1303 beetle in for a few jobs, The main Job being to under take a repair to some impact damage to the drivers side adjacent to the rear wing and side, the rear wing was pushed in along with the running board and the 1/4 panel and heater channel & the jacking point had also received some damage and had to be straightened, once we received Brum in and stripped her down there was another previous repair that had rusted through that needed to be redone, we under took this and straightened out the heater channel and side panel replacing one small section of metal we could not get quite straight, this also gave greater access to the area of the heater channel area to get this area square. a new wing and running board were used as the old ones were US, the new wing and repair were prepped and primed ready for Paint this is to be undertaken at The Paint shop pros's, when an available slot is available then the car was re-assembled for collection
We also had to get the heater working correctly, we replaced some missing parts, these being the lever mechanisms on both sides and cleaned out the exchangers and gave the a coat of paint, checked over the cable and leavers to ensure all functioned as designed.
The car was also going to receive a rear bumper it previously did not have, this required some cutting to the rear wing on the passengers side as the access through the wing had been plated and filled.

All in a straight forward Job done and returned, as usual the following Pic's  show some of the work we done.



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  1. Wow. It looks like the work is set out for you guys. Looking at the initial pictures, I could tell that this was going to be a tough job. But it seems like you guys went at it like a boss, and the finished product looks really great! Kudos! :)

    Taleen Kizirian