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Monday, 9 July 2012

Buses Annual health Check Partie Deux

 Well i finally got the bus MOT'D on the Friday before Camper jam, trouble is the bloody thing had consumed my funds for the trip, so i was not wallowing in mud like a pig, i would like to stress at this point how disappointed i am to have missed it, But that would be an absolute bloody lie because i didn't. any way on with the post. below are a few pictures of the final leg of the Bus being prepped for the annual check.

Outer front Valance welded in Place, Not an easy task as it kept pissing down ans as my entrance to the garage is on a slope it all headed my way, Hence the card board to soak up the water.

while i was replacing the Inner valance there was a couple bits i was not happy with so i done these while i was at it, as usual i like to have a mock fit.

Plates in place prior to welding.

Job Done now to fro the bumper back on and head to the garage for the ministry to rob me of my hard earned shekels.

Quick blow over with some Red Stuff !
On the ramps, John and his Bitch, doing there thing !!

John checking the lighting, obviously all Good, Not sure why the picture rotated it's self Oh well!
John checking the thing is capable of stopping.

Ready to come off the ramps.

And all done and healthy for another year, Yeah Baby buzzed round in her all week end.

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  1. Yay! Nancy is due in September. Not looking forward to that. X