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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Buses 2012 annual health Check.

well its that time again, the bus needs it's MOT trouble is I've been a little consumed with the Ghia, Theres a couple of days till Camper jam 2012 and i have no MOT, i was aware of a little hole on the inner valance last time but as usual & before you all feel suitably liberated enought to say such things as what a dick, we have all done it, thought i will get that sorted, Ive done that over & over again, and here i am, so its run out today and its booked in for 11.20 tomorrow i checked it over for the usual items all OK, then i had that thought, FUCK! Shit the inner valance Bugger, Hole! damn blast how bad is it now, so i shoved my hand under the front and groped around, and it started to crumble, despair set in, self inficted name calling, The bucket is now broke, right nothing for it shoved it in the gates front end in the work shop fetched out the tools and got stuck in.

Sadly to say my prospects for camper jam are now looking decidedly poor  at the moment as i am not sure the job will be completed in sufficient time to get the MOT and get the old girl there.


Pictures below as usual, feel free to comment.

On face value a little rust colouring on the bottom not that bad ?

Just a few little holes surely it cant be all that bad, Can it HHMM.

Ah that looks a little worse than the other side best have a better look.

outer valance removed not very pretty in there I'm afraid best keep digging, Anyone got a spade ?

Its grim to say the least not what you want when you got the test the next day.

That saying it don't look so bad when you step back & look at it, Who the fuck came up with that it looks like shit, Fucking Twat.

Outer skin of the inner valance removed, at this point it made me smile, Got no idea why as it still looked no better what so ever, stepped back looked again, well he's still a fucking Twat.
That's a lovely Rug though !!

I know lets look from a different perspective, You guessed it still a twat!

If in Doubt cut it out, well that what i say.

Just playin for time with this one, i was proably either drinking Coffee, Or possibly weeping like a child, three sharp in takes of breath followed by a good sniff !

All cleaned up and ready to start the welding, it was as this point Mummy called me in for supper as it was way past bed time LOL.

But before that we have to have a trail fit, stand back take a look, I'm starting to see the logic in this stand back and look stuff, that better than it looked earlier.

Just the welding to do and she should be ready to rumble and that she does well ;-)

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