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Friday, 11 March 2011

The past is what leads your way.

Well i know at the start of my blog i said it will be Volkswagen Based, well the other day my mate Dave, You will notice his name pops up a lot as i do my occasional wander in to days gone bye. we happened to be chatting away about the usual old bollocks us old farts do, that's gonna give Dave the pisser as he's now been labelled as an old fart, oh i wish you could see me laughing. see i told you i wander off. any way as we chatted Dave happened to mention he found some old photos he was showing his better half and apparently i had hair !!
When he eventually brought them round it was agreed that these were exactly the sort of material i should put on my blog, OK i admit the car in them is not a Volkswagen but it gives an indication of my Chequered past, theres a pun if ever the was one Chequered Past, i have to admit i can be such a knob.

Take a look at the pictures, i can assure you what you see is the real thing and was undertaken by me from start to finish, The vehicle did belong to some bloke i know called Dave, Have i ever mentioned him!! Only joshing.

This is where the whole job started, done it just to see how it looked.

Some weeks later in a friends workshop/Yard.

Right then i will not have any comments about hair, How much & especially Colour !!!
In the booth she went.
A coat of Primer, i am in there some where.
Black got to be the worst colour.
Nearly covered.

Let the fun begin getting things symmetrical was the hard part, up to this point had taken a lot of Hours.
Lets lay on some colours then.
Taking shape we only had three colours to play with and a short period of time.
That all the colours done allow time to dry, at this point the anticipation was killing me.
The result, Not that bad don't ya know.
Looks sweet don't you think.
Should have gone into a different trade.
I must say i do believe theres some depth to that paint.

I must admit there is something quite good about the old school hot rod style, you know you just have to agree.

Catch up with you all soon.

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  1. Love the painting photos on that gorgeous old hot rod... lol well I would do wouldn't I? Is there no end to your talent????