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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Aylesbury Low lifes March Meet.

As the titles says The Low Lifes had a Gathering today at the Bottle & Glass in Gibraltar  near Stone, Lovely pub with quality service, And to top it off the Bloke who runs the gaff owns a Beetle, Damn Fine Chap i Say. All the usual Crew turned up, Darren & Lucy, Dave & Angela, Claude & Jean, And Andy all of whom own splits, A nice couple in a nice Blue bug and last but not least My Bay and compared to the rest it looked  like Shit! But thats as it should be i like the Shat look !

Any way took a few picks to mark the occasion and put them on here for posperity.

The Line up not a bad showing.
Claudes Bus.
Andys Panel van.
Lucy & Darrens Bus.
Daves Bus.
I did not get the couples Names But i liked the Ride, Nice people .
All we need now is a few more to turn Up.
And at the end my bay, Looking rather lets say Tatty!

Well thats it for this posting, I hope at some point to get some more info and do a bit more on each vehicles Specs.

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