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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Goodwill Too All Men, My Bloody Arse!!!

Well some people just dont understand the meening of goodwill to all men, This is what i found on christmas morning, I would probably not been upset with them considering the weather and time of year if they had knocked the door, I can deal with the hood & i can deal with peoples bad luck theres & mine but to be so bloody awful as to Fuck Off i cant! So from this point on this person will remain in my thoughts as That twat at Xmas!
Every Cloud has a silver Lining it will give something else to put on my blog next year when i straighten it out see the pics below.
OHH The shock !

OOOHHH The Misery!

OH Fuck this its cold im going back in doors for a beer! Well it is christmas you know.

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