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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Andys Bug Fix.

I recently was asked to help my mate Andy from the Aylesbury low lifes, he had put his Partners bug in for a MOT and it had a ,minor problem with corrosion under the brake fluid/washer bottle reservoirs, i must say this bug as far as i am aware was a barn find, this bug is not imaculate but its real not dressed not a two year resto, this car is as genuine as they come, Any way have a look!  added a few pics of the repair obviously cos i done it but just a couple of extra ones as its such a nice car.

As usual i get a job to do and wade in so the pics are a bit hit and miss, Any way the picture show the section after it was cut out, the main rot was along the fold wear the section bends down behind the spare wheel.
This is what was left after the cutting took place, i cleaned up the loose before putting the plate in,

wanted to keep the cuts clean so the end job was tidy.

Again same with this side really !

Job Done, Just in case any one wonders the plate was made from scratch by me in the shed, Well i think its a tidy job.

Definatley looks better from this angle, Pleased with that.

Told you it was sweet.

Nice to see an honest motor.

Ill say andys other half is a lucky lady, Ill say other half as i dont want to offend if i cant spell the ladys name.

Clean inside lovely Jublee !

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  1. Hey, when replacing the heater channel in the bug, the old channel wasn't so much rusty, it was just full of 'character' after all the old girl is 44 years old this year!