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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Paul Croxall's Late bay Devon Conversion Body Resto.this

Oil Dropper where contacted by Paul as he had taken on a project he had purchased from eBay, unfortunately once the project was back at his home and the work commenced it became obvious that the body was beyond being a home resto, In came to us after looking at the works required and what had been previously undertaken, it was agreed that the body would benefit from media blasting, and this is when the true horror of what he had emerged, after a good look at the clean body, and a lengthy discussion it was agreed with some meticulous planning and playing with the works and his budget it was still with in the realms of getting the van done close to his original budget and contingency budget, and so work commenced.

The following are a few of Pictures taken and show the van from collection to it ready to go to paint our part was then done, the van currently resides at the painters, as and when the body is painted, i will update this entry with pictures of the the van, it does now have front and rear suspension components recently fitted by Paul for ease of movement while at the paint shop.

How it went in to the media blaster's

Then it cam out a week later minus a lot of Filler.

back at the shop we had a closer look.

So we rang Paul!

This is when the work commenced!

This is what we discovered under the repair panels !!

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