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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Air Ride Beetle.

Oil Droppers were contacted by a new customer from Cleethorpes, he had recently purchased off EBay what was listed as a project a beetle with air ride that didn't work, task for Oil droppers was get the thing off the ground and back to the work shop and sort it out, Ironically we new of this car prior to this as a number of people had looked at the air ride but to no avail, it still sat in the same position it had been for around seven months on its sump!

Ok so we made some temporary supports to replace the rear shocks and the front air shocks, took them over to Winslow in Buckinghamshire so still local to us, we got it lifted enough to get a jack under and installed the temporary support, enabling the car to be loaded on the truck to be brought back to the workshop.

After putting the air components back on and installing a quick coupler we pressurised the tank off the compressor in the shop and blew up the suspension, after checking through all the components we managed to narrow it down to the compressor being us, then we had to get the car running properly, sort out all the electrics including the loom made from blue and brown house hold flex in the main, replace the Alternator as the battery was on the car the wrong way round when we collected it and killed it, check through all the brakes and MOT it so it could be driven back to Cleethorpes on a cold dark Friday Night with no rubbers and no heating, BBBRRRRR.

Sounds Simple, trust me it wasn't, when something is up for sale on the Net as a project, regardless of distance go and look first, paying a four figure No for one and then paying half that again to get it driveable isn't funny.

Pictures below, you will notice it starts in the old work shop and ends up in the new one.

As we found it.

Temp struts in the rear.

Temp rear strut.

Temp front strut.

Air ride reassembled and tank pressurised from the shop compressor.

check out the wiring.

HHMM what colour coding, lets play trace the wiring.

Nice wiring!



As you can see there is now some additional colours we had to add some to sort it out.

Motor out to replace the Alternator.

Before the new alternator was added.

Back in and running.

Ready for MOT
At the test station.

Unfortunately you could only drive it at this height, due to the way the air ride was installed originally if you let pressure out to lower it a bit it sat lop sided, As the feed line were not equal lengths and didn't release the pressure equally, Hard to believe I know but it fact.

On the way back out having passed, the mot inspection.

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