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Friday, 14 February 2014

Mathew Whites Westfalia.

Mathew's Westy first came into to Oil Droppers work shop a while ago, It came in for a replacement gear Coupling, while this was being done we made an observation that the gear box seals where leaking & Obviously made Mathew aware, To our amazement we were then told that they had recently been replaced by another Local business whom believe they are a specialist in early Volkswagen's, It was the explained how the van had been in there for five weeks for the seals to be replaced and upon its return still had leaking seals and developed an knock it didn't have before.

So it was suggested that they contact the business and ask then to rectify the issue, this was duly done and it went back in, upon being collected it became apparent the issue was still there, so some months later it was back with Us to have the seal issue rectified, along with few other jobs, These being OSR wheel bearings, Gear shaft Bushes, some minor wiring issues on the generator, Carb Balance and set up, Oil change and a general check Over.

Once the works had been done it was very apparent that the seals had been replaced recently as the ones we removed were Mexican Items, The main issue was the ring that holds the Inner drive shaft flange seals was re-installed leaving excess play in the final drive allowing excess movement in the final drive shaft, this movement had upon the slack being taken up when driven bent the metal casing to the bushes deforming the seals and resulting in the leak, This was unfortunately caused by a serious lack of Knowledge and understanding by the previous repairer.

All the other Jobs fortunately had remained untouched by others and thus were straight forward works.

This is a very clean example of a Westy Tin Top.

Nothing worse than clearing up some one else's bad work, especially a so called professional
 and I seem to be there advert at the Moment !!

Spot the residue round the drive flange!

The scoreing is the result of the drive bolts touching the Locking ring when the torque took up the slack in the final drive, That's a lot of movement lucky it didn't ruin the final drive.

This is not how you cure a leaking drive shaft seal, this is called a bodge.

More wear on the other side.

Inner ring removed, That is the tapered bearing you can see if this is not adjusted correctly your wasting your time and killing you Box.

O ring and seal removed.

This is the deformed are of the seal this is caused by the movement in the final drive, this is what happens when some one try's to do things beyond the capabilities.

One side done.

Surprise the other side was the same.

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Inner ring with O ring removed.

New seal & O ring assembled.

Bothe sides completed.

Inner drive shaft flanges put replaced.

Rear wheel Bearing removal & replacement. 


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