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Monday, 9 April 2012

Rear Repair End Repair Part Deux,

Right then peeps, last time we had any movement i had basically stripped down the rear end of the bus and undertook the correctional works to the damaged over-rider, Over-rider is still on bench waiting to be painted. No rush cor blimey charlie.

Right then what have i done recently Lots, well enough, its all the pressure i get from Mr Spike Hughes, Every time we speak he asks done the bus yet he's killin me really killin me. Well i have been at it with the old air chisel and grinder, had a good Chopin session. lots of trimming and trial fitting till i was sufficiently happy with the fit then out with the welder and reality to the immortal words of hack hack cut weld. I wasn't happy with the metal i had to work with as the majority of people i associate with are aware it was hit in the same place two years ago, and as such the metal i would be welding to was a little thinner than i would want so i had to put a section in to give some integrity to the repair.

The pictures below are there to tell all.

Stripped ready for the repair.

Tim doing what he does best applying humour to the proceedings.

The last repair.

The damage under the tin ware that was'nt really visable.

Thats what were talking about hack hack, see the previous join line, like i said was not happy with the fact that i would have to join here again so this was removed.

Old and new for comparison.

Eventually GSF managed to get the bloody battery tray, better late than never.

Old battery tray cut out.

The old air Chissel i love this tool !

This is the section i made up to make good the plate in order to have good plate to attach the new rear quarter to.

Close fit just needs to be tweeked a little when fitted.

The damaged area behind the crushed inner frame works.

The ols crap cut out and the replacment sections made up and ready to fit.

First section welded in place.

Outer pieces welded in place thats the inner frame repaired.

The first of many trial fittings.
Battery tray finally welded in place, along with the new section of plate requiered to undertake a proper repair.

First of Many trial fittings before welding, trial fit as much as needed till you are happy with the fit.

Yepp fits inside nicely as well.

Last of the trial fittings now then to weld in place.

Welding Done, Check for sqaure with a suitable flat surface.

So far so good.

Now agood clean up with a fine sanding disc.

Good penetration marks, a good sign means the welds are done well.

And plenty of welds to ensure the battery tray is sufficiently fixed in place.

Now then all thats left to do is the final prepping a smidge of filler and a coat of paint HHMM well redoxide anyway.

Catch up with you all soon peeps.

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  1. Nice photo's and write up, the replacement panels / sections you made up were that good you could do this for a living. Nice to know the bus should be back on the road shortly. Keep up the good work.