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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Brighton Breeze 2011.

Well what a stonking breeze this was the trun out of vehicles was and yet again the quality of some of the vans outstanding, obviuosly this is dependant on what your preference's are, Me i just have a love for air cooled no matter what.
The weather this year can only be decribed as blessed the sun was fantastic and made the event better than ever it superb to see what is basically the last event of the calender go out on such a high & we only have the swap meet at slough and the Ace cafe to run with till spring, the crew tht host the event no need to mention names on here as you know who you are and the true enthusiasts also know; But a big thanks to you all, this year my self and some excellent friends you all know who you are made a hastily put together plan, We met up at an agreed rondavous point and had our selves a small convoy of VW'Sand headed off to brighton, This was the first time i had been to brighton with a number of other freinds and did make the trip down so much the better. safety in numbers as i found out on my way home! Yep the bus let me down she was coughing and sputtering we had to pull in at wisley off the A3, Fortunatley My most excellent friend Claude carrys a multitude of spares once we identified it waas the coil breaking down we swapped it for his spare and back on the road & headed home no more issue from there.

Appologies to spike & Zoe i did not get a picture of your bus.

Any way below are some pictures to mark the event, Enjoy and feel free to take the piss !!!!

Dave & Claude waiting for thr queue to move.

Excellent i loved the stance on this Bus.

Bare metal with Hood ride Logo etched in Nice & Different.

Type 181 want one.

Loads of Choppers about & these one's had strayed from the nudist beach ;-)

Loved this bus i wished mine looked this good.

If it was mine i stick a motor in it !

In my mind this one should have got best of Show a wicked bus.

Early bugs gotta luv em.

This was really cool and different, but unfortunatley for the owner the wrong kind of different.

The Young & Oldish! generation taking a dip

Just the young in this one.

I know how it looks but Honest Ellie was not sick in that bag !

And Tim had not had anything to drink it just looks that way.

My Mellie waiting to go to bed the first time anyone had kipped in this bus in probably over thirteen years

Those cutains you see in Claudes bus are magnetic how bloody cool is that, stroke of genius and no holes drilled in ya splitty i think he may of hit a good marketing strategy there.

All patiantly waiting for the pizza's to arrive.

Amelias flashy hair.

Zoe relaxing with a drinky poo.

Claude with a beer & jean with a lamp !!!!

There was so many vans it was incredible.

Sum rise was amazing.

We won a hello kitty from a grabber machine.

Just thought this was a cool picture.

Weather was glorious.

How calm is that water.

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