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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Exhaust Repair.

Well as you probably know in my last post from the ace cafe on the way home i had a small problem with the old girl not running quite right. she had a couple of coughs and a fart and then a bang a realy big bang & unfortunatley my exhaust was not best happy about reiceveing the increased load of unspent mixture entering it's orofice and at the point of re-fire the exhaust did not find containing such copiace amounts of igniting mixture easy to control, And as such we ended with a hole in my box larger than a porn queen's ring piece after a gang bang.

So i took a look on Vw heritage to get a price for a new silencer, Man what the fuck is going on £107.00 for a box i bought mine two years ago and with the four branch i paid £149.00 for the pair, i understand prices go up but man i could have wept, any way so i thought its no good i may have to fix it and keep the one got, so thats what i did £107.00 kiss my Arse.

Any way i took afew pictures of the repair for the blog see below.

See the swelling thats a back fire & a half

hat do you recon to that then BOOM !

End removed i had to split the pressed seems

It even mullered the inside.

Another one of the inside.

Cleaned up and a knock about to straighten.

Before i used the hammer.

And yep you got it after you clever Sods !

Ready to weld the thing back up.


Not  a bad job if i say so myself.

Tidy enought.

Back in place.

Jobs a Good One.


  1. It's amazing how much pressure there must have been... would have loved to have seen you and Tim poop your pants when it went backfired.. hope Zoe posts some intresting / funny comments now she can log on.

  2. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.
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