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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Ace cafe Aircooled Night June 2011

Well another Ace Cafe air cooled night gone by, I was again impressed with the quality of the vehicles there, there was obviously the usual hard core vw enthusiasts that are always there my self being included in that group, The weather stayed with us. there was to my satisfaction a Extremely nice early split oval that had recently been covered in a well known magazine any way Nuff said pictures below show the quantity and quality of the Tin that was there.
Asked Darren if he was Have a Gay period due to the colour of his shirt, he said i not even happy !

How cool is this for a bonnet emblem want one, You bet.

This car was so clean & really straight.

Very unusual choice of interior but very cool.

The old radiogram in the back is actually a sub woofer according to the magazine article.

Early split oval who don't want One.

Proper hot rod style, Who can now justify comments that the two don't Mix, Absolute Bollocks.

The running Boards are so unusual they could only look this good on an old school car.

Pure hot Rod i tell you this is as good as it gets, do you get the feeling i like this car !!

A great line up clear sky, What you all missed.

Bugs Buses, Buggy's Type3's and 25's they were all there.

Early bay lowered Stock rims, You can look great on a lower end budget..

Gas Burners love these rims.

Spot the difference there's a few.

That's my Girl, install it young.

Clean steel Nice.

Just liked this picture.

Plenty there people.

For sale this one very tidy.

Just liked this one as well, Note the spot lights on my van £10.00 Bargain,

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