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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sliding door quarter light.

Well Thanks to Monsieur Spike Hughes of House of Dub i finally got the three Quarter piece of glass i needed at the right & justifiable price i has en to add to re-install the quarter light window in my sliding door.
I originally took the quarter light window out, No lets be honest about this shall we as we are friends after all !
My quarter light originally fell out as it was rotten as the proverbial pear! I managed to acquire through EBay a extremely good window for a mere £20.00.
So i managed to take a few Photo's of the exchange not many but it shows the window, i also took the crappy plastic shroud of my Empi gear shifter and put on a nice leather and billet one that i retrieved from my daughters Fiat before it was scrapped.
The old window was removed by cutting round the Glass with a sharp knife as the rubber was pretty naff.
Old glass and rubber sat on the work shop bench, as any of you know i have only recently managed to finish my workshop, And its already full of Crap !

The new windows waiting to be installed, Thanks for the Glass spike (House of Dub) for you parts your looking for at sensible prices.

This is were the cord required  to install the glass in the recess for the door was fed in to the window rubber.

Right as per usual i should have taken a photo of the next step but my mate had not arrived at this point and i only had one pair of hand s so i couldn't, but the next step was to put the quarter light window in as well, basically you put the two together at an angle and push the pair in, they do pop in and the widow rubbers need to be lubricated with washing up liquid and they slip in really easily.

This is my home made window installer class ain't it.

right at this point you have to feed the rubber into the door by pulling the cords into the van this pulls the rubber into place as you go.

As you can see Dave had arrived by this point, while pulling the cords i find it easier if you can get someone to apply a small amount of pressure from the outside as this helps the rubber pull through better.

And that's that the window safely installed into the door.

Looks so much better and back to how it was when i purchased her.

Been along time since i could do that.

Pleased with that, Now the gear shifter boot.

Did not take many photos of this as it is literally a screw in job, ten self tapping alan screws job done.

Looks so much better than the original plastic box it came with.

I think it looks very tidy and its a job any one can do took about twenty Minutes, and has a factory look about it? 

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